Survival Firesteels

Custom handmade exotic wood handled firesteels are coming soon to Turned Knotty. These will be like no others out there. No frills, rough, and durable but eye catching to say the least. Turned Knotty Survival Firesteels will come with a piece of Fatwood and leather cording for keeping around your neck while hiking or camping.


What is a Survival Firesteel?

Desert Ironwood Handmade Survival FiresteelSurvival firesteels is a rod of man made┬ámetallic┬ámaterials called Ferrocerium or “Ferro Rods” for short. When a ferro rod is struck or scraped with a metal object it emits a 3000┬░ shower of sparks. Firesteels are popular with survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts for means of starting fires. They are popular as they are small, can be easily packed, and can be used soaking wet unlike lighters and matches. a Firesteel can last for years and can be used thousands of times. A piece of fatwood alongside of your firesteel to use as kindling allows you to have almost everything you need to start a warm and cozy fire – only other thing you’ll need is a means of scraping the ferro rod (a knife) and firewood.


Where Can I get one?

I will have the kinks worked out, the tools complete and hopefully have a decent supplier of Ferro Rods (I am wanting to use the best quality available) sometime in March or April of 2013. Keep an eye out here and the Turned Knotty Etsy store for updates.